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Iowa United Methodist Church Amid Chaos Part I

Let's Clear This Up Together.


Aunt Harriet, You may be confused with all of the rumors you have heard in the news, or at church, or even from someone at the Second United Methodist Church of Your Town regarding a possible church split. I want to point you to this blog. The intent for this blog and website is to help you become more informed. You and your congregation will want to become more aware of the decisions facing your church and all of the United Methodist Churches in Iowa (and world wide).

It seems there is very little information available at the local congregational level. If you search Google for "United Methodist Church problems," you'll be inundated with thousands of websites struggling for your attention, Many pastors are so busy coming off of the Advent/Christmas season and into Lent and Easter that they have not been able to address the issues with their congregations.

It is my prayer these articles will help identify the issues facing The United Methodist Church and subsequently your individual church.

More than anything, know that the God of all issues and tensions knows what they feel like. Our great God knew and experienced tension when He sacrificed His one and only Son, Jesus the Christ, for the sin of all. I pray you have a resurrection Easter like no other. Amen.


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